7 ways to use your old coffee grounds

7 ways to use your old coffee grounds


By Lottie Dalziel

I love coffee grounds almost as much as I love coffee itself and that is a big call. Before we get started read up on the impact that your daily brew is having on the environment. Now you've read that, here's how you can use your coffee beans around your house. 

1. Coffee scrub

Coffee scrubs are all the rage, they smell delish and leave your skin feeling oh so hydrated but instead of forking out for a store-bought option, make your own. It is seriously so easy with four ingredients you can tailor it for you and a friend for a great gift. Here's my recipe on how to make your own

2. Wormfood  

Your worms are just as much of a fan of coffee as you are. Coffee is rich in nutrients that the worms love. Sprinkle a thin layer on top of your farm and if you’ve got any leftover sprinkle on top of your garden beds to help the wild worms too.

3. Compost

Coffee grounds are filled with nitrogen aka the “brown stuff” which is great for helping your compost breakdown faster. And best of all it also helps hide any odours from even the stinkiest of bins.

4. Fridge deodoriser

Is your fridge feeling a bit pongy? Even after a good clean? Put a small bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge to help remove any of the bad smells.

5. Cupboard deodoriser

Are your gym shoes stinking out your cupboard? You’re not alone and I was so happy when this trick worked in just a couple of hours. Again, add a small bowl of ground coffee to your cupboard and let it soak up all of those smells.

6. Pest repellant

Ants, cats, cockroaches and some other animals aren’t coffee fans. To keep them away create a sold line of coffee grounds. This works perfectly around your compost bin as well.

7. Grow vegetables

Some people use 100% coffee grounds instead of soil but for me, sprinkling coffee grounds on top gives my veggies the nutrient boost they need.

If you’re after more tips and tricks don’t forget to read our article on how to make your daily coffee that little bit “greener.”

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