5 ways to reduce food waste

5 ways to reduce food waste

Food waste

Australians throw away 20% of their groceries each year or 345kg of food, costing us a whopping $1,036 per household. Cut down on food waste and not only will you save money you’ll also save the planet. If food waste was a country it would be the world’s third biggest carbon emitter after China and the US.

I decided to do this challenge a little bit before Christmas and full disclosure I didn’t make it through the week without food waste! But I did cut down on a lot and saved a ton on my weekly shop.

  1. Shop from your fridge and pantry, discover what you’ve got and create your list from that not on what you’ve got in the fridge
  2. Start food prepping! Plan out your meals and write a list before you head to the shops! This will stop impulse buys and mean you won’t shop to excess and eat through your pantry. It will help you save money and also stop food waste!
  3. Has a friend just called up for a last minute catch-up that you just can’t refuse? Instead of wasting your delicious pre-made dinner head out for a walk or invite them over for a smorgasbord dinner. This will save you both money but also means you’re not letting a perfectly good dinner go to waste.
  4. Start composting. The food waste that goes into our bins creates more greenhouse gases than airplane emissions. Either grab a compost bin for your backyard (the council will give you a good discount) or if you are in an apartment use your neighbours using the ShareWaste app
  5. Use your freezer! It is literally a time machine for food. Made too much? Don't worry pop it in the freezer for a rainy day. Do you have no use for your spinach? Pop it in the freezer and add to curries or smoothies for a bit of extra veg. 

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