5 of our fave ethical and sustainable activewear brands in Oz

5 of our fave ethical and sustainable activewear brands in Oz

By Chelsea Cunningham


Whether you’re gearing up for an intense workout or slowly getting back into fitness, the desire to do something good for your body and mind isn’t anything new. But what if you could be minimising your environmental impact at the same time?

Endorphins aside, an increasing number of consumers are aligning themselves with this very thought and demanding ethical fashion. This shift in power between brands and the consumer is creating an incentive for businesses who might not have originally considered a more environmental path, to do so.

Australian conscious activewear label, Nimble explains that today’s “consumers are incredibly switched on and value spending their money with brands that are committed to improving the world”. Buying sustainably is getting slightly easier with many brands designing locally, endorsing fair trade, ethical labour practices and using sustainable natural and recycled fabric. Who knew a pair of tights could do so much?

Below we’ve listed several of our favourite brands doing their part to provide consumers with high-performance activewear without compromising both people and planet.

1\ Nimble 

Designed for self-expression and girls who love a good sweat. Nimble donates $1 of every purchase to I=Change, an organisation that runs different initiatives to help empower women globally. The materials used are made from Compresslite, a fabric made with post consumer recycled plastic bottles. Each pair of compresslite leggings uses six recycled bottles and every sports bra uses two recycled plastic bottles saving over 300,000 plastic bottles from going into landfill and oceans. We’ll take them all, plz.

2\ First Base

First Base creates an ethical and sustainable culture that strips away all of the things in life that are unnecessary and gets back to basics. With the desire to do better, all their designs are made to look clean, simple and are the epitome of sport-luxe style. What we love about the brand is that they create transparency across their supply chains and have saved 689,768 days of drinking water, recycled 1293 kg of plastic and planted over 1018 trees. Designed in Sydney, we are definitely obsessed with building our athleisure wardrobe from the base up.

3\ Niyama Sol


For the eco savy and modern woman, Niyama, reduces their environmental impact through creating their garments out of recycled plastic bottles. And if that wasn’t enough they donate 10% of all their sales to a charity of your choice- the international Child Arts Foundation, OTM Yoga or the National Park Foundation. This is one brand that is good for people and the environment.

4\ D K Plus




Last year, D+K generated more electricity than they used! Australian owned and made, D+K have taken environmental responsibility to the next level through monitoring every point of their production under the one roof in Brisbane.  Their activewear is made in a fair wage environment and where they aren’t able to reduce or reuse - they recycle. Not only do they do female athletic wear, but you can also shop for the man in your life too.

5\ Dharma Bums


Dharma Bums doesn't take life too seriously but we can assure you that they are serious about the impact they leave on this planet. Inspired about the stunning Australian beaches, their range is extensive and you’ll find exactly what you need in a variety of shapes, colours and styles. Made from recycled and sustainably sourced fabrics, Dharma Bums also avoids the contamination of waterways during the process of dying their tights.

Let us know some of your favourites, we’re always on the lookout for more conscious activewear labels.

Chelsea is extremely passionate about reporting on all things beauty, wellbeing and the environment. After completing a Bachelor degree in Business and Media and Communications, Chelsea is focused on becoming a freelance writer and collaborating with like-minded individuals on projects. If you're interested in working together, contact her via: chelsea-j-c@hotmail.com or Instagram @chelseacunningham

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