4 Questions you should be asking when buying furniture

4 Questions you should be asking when buying furniture

Sustainable furniture

By Lottie Dalziel

The term fast fashion is probably already part of your vocabulary but what about fast furniture? It’s the new term that describes furniture that is built quickly and often from poor materials to fulfil a trend, it comes with an attractive low price tag and looks the part but often lasts a portion of the time - sound familiar? Like the rise against fast fashion we're putting an end to fast furniture. So when you're looking for your next piece here's what you should be asking.

1/ What’s it made of?

It is easy to assume that something made from wood is sustainable when sadly that isn’t the case. My advice when it comes to knowing what materials went into a piece of furniture is to ask. Don’t only ask what it is but where it comes from. 

It is really important with wood in particular to know where it has come from. Some brands will have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification which means that the product is made with materials “from well-managed forests and/or recycled sources.” 


For example Koala’s newest addition to the family the sofa bed is made with wood certified by the FSC and they aren’t afraid to talk about it! Product Designer, Adam Harrigan, explains that determining the chain of custody for their products material was a difficult but rewarding process for the brand. 

2/ Who made it? 

Yes, it may come in a flatpack which means you’re the “maker” but technically speaking who made the bits and bobs on your favourite piece. If you can't find the information yourself ask the brand before you buy. 

3/ How long will it last?  

Is it a trend piece that will last a season and then go out of date? Is it built to last for generations to come? For larger pieces in particular choose a timeless piece that you love and that those ahead of you will too. Think of it like a blank canvas that you can then layer with colourful accessories, trendy decor and soft furnishings.

sofa bed

4/ Where will it end up?

If you are upgrading a piece of furniture take the time to dispose of your old piece responsibly. Sadly, 84% of kerbside collection ends up in landfill, before your new piece arrives try and re-home your old furniture. If it is worth something try Gumtree or if you’re happy to give it away for free try Facebook Marketplace

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