3 Alternate Uses For Dishwasher Tablets  Little Bit goes a long way!

3 Alternate Uses For Dishwasher Tablets Little Bit goes a long way!

Author - Sherron Dalziel

Lil Bit Dishwasher tablets are not just a great eco-friendly way to wash dishes, they are popping up all over the place. These hand made Cajeput and Wimmera pink lake salt tablets could not be more Australian. Cajeput is an Australian native oil with a eucalyptus like scent and the salt is traditionally harvested from a huge pink salt lake in the Wimmera region of Victoria. 

Used in the dishwasher, these tablets will clean and deodorize and for those crusty pots or dishes, just fill with hot water, add a tablet and soak overnight. Too easy.

But wait...... There’s more!!!

1. De-grease a sticky exhaust fan?
Fill a tub with hot water and add  1 or 2 tablets. In goes the exhaust filter for a bath overnight that built-up grime can be wiped off the next day.

2. Does your oven door need a clean?
Fill a bowl with boiling water, pop on some gloves and wet the face of the tablet.
Now gently start rubbing the glass and rewetting the tablet as needed. Don’t press too hard as you don’t want to scratch the glass. Once the whole surface has been covered and your tablet has dissolved, wait 5 minutes and give it a wipe.
A sparkling clean oven door for 59c!

3. Sticky scissors and stubborn labels?
Put one tablet in hot water and soak your scissors and glass jars overnight.
Wipe clean in the morning and no more gummy tacky bits left behind.

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