How plastic bread tags are recycled

How plastic bread tags are recycled

Plastic bread tags are being sloooowwwllllyyyy phased out around Australia but we're receiving record numbers of them in your BRAD boxes. Have you ever wondered how these little pieces are recycled and what they get turned into?

Sorting and separating

Firstly, our BRAD volunteers separate the plastic and paper bread tags. We only accept plastic bread tags, the paper ones you can recycle at home by placing them into a larger paper item like an envelope or a paper bag.

The amazing volunteers from Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs then sort the plastic tags by colour.

Remade in Robe!

The bread tags arrive and Brad, Narelle and the team get re-making. The coloured bread tags are added to a mould, compressed and heated.

They are shaped, sanded and laser engraved! So much TLC goes into each item, no two are the same and you can see some of the best before dates on the original tags throughout the bowls.

Watch Brad in action making a bowl here.


So how many tags?

Bread tags are tiny baby little things so each product contains hundreds (sometimes thousands of tags).

Small bowls = 930 bread tags
Long bowls = 1,200 bread tags
Hexagon bowls = 1,870 bread tags
Large bowls = 5,000 bread tags

The lazy susans are made from granulated bread tags offcuts from making the bowls and coffee cup lids.

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