Sustainable gifts for Mum that will help the planet

Sustainable gifts for Mum that will help the planet

Put an extra special spin on Mother's Day this year with products that will help you and Mum give back to the environment. Here's a roundup of our top picks:

1. Project PARGO Coffee Cup - 12oz Insulated

Stop using single-use coffee cups and give Mum an upgrade with a Project PARGO coffee cup. It will keep the coffee hotter for longer and be a daily reminder of your unconditional love. Shop now $44.95

2. Soy Candle

The bold classic gardenia fragrance with jasmine notes and lily will keep your house smelling uplifted and vibrant. A trusted scent that has weathered the test of time. Shop now $39.95

3. Deep Sleep Essential Oil Trio


Three of Eco's best-selling pure essential oils for sleep. Ease into relaxation at the end of your day by using these oils to promote a restful and serene atmosphere. Rotate the use of individual oils or be creative and blend them together. Shop now $60.00

4. Rose Above Solid Perfume

Feels like taking the higher ground. Smells like wild berries with fresh rose, magnolia and woody patchouli base tones. Shop now $99.00

5. Jumbo Cord Tote Bag

This Extra Large Cord Tote Bag makes an excellent everyday tote and shopping bag but is also great for university students too! Classic thick cord tote with a handy front pocket. Shop now $34.95

6. I Need A Moment Loose Leaf Tea

Give mum a break in a cup of tea. This loose-leaf blend is an oh so calming blend of Chamomile, Passionflower, Lavender, Hyssops, Valerian, and Oats. You need a moment, and you also need a strong cup of this calming tea. Shop now from $35.

7. Sage Mediation Balm

A calming and nourishing body balm to soothe the skin and nourish the mind. Shop now $38.00

Add a rustic touch to this Mother's Day so why not wrap the gift in a newspaper! Or check out our other sustainable gift wrapping ideas.

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