Supplier stories: Go with the flow with Carol and Liz from Lunette

Supplier stories: Go with the flow with Carol and Liz from Lunette

By Sherron Dalziel

Lunette menstrual cups have arrived and the more we learn about them the greater the joy! Their positioning statement simplifies the message so well - "Try Lunette - for nicer periods."

It was only when Liz was sent an email from a friend who'd discovered menstrual cups with the title "I have a secret I want to share", that this concept came to light. And Liz,  a nurse and midwife,  realised that light needed to shine. At that stage silicone menstrual cups were not available in Australia and after much research, as Carol says," Lunette just kept on ticking the boxes".

These cups have been specifically designed, developed and packaged with the environment in mind. This was the first medical grade, coloured silicone cup to be brought to Australia. TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved with minimal impact on our environment and maximum health benefit.

Easy to use, their soft medical grade silicone is BPA free which means no yeast no bacteria and no odour and with up to 12 hours day and night worry-free. If you're worried about getting started, try out the starter pack.

Lunette Australia and New Zealand is an Australian owned distribution company and they recently won the award for the "Best Eco Product" at the Naturally Good Expo. Another huge achievement was the launch in February 2018 of the "Sustainable Period Project" aiming to have over 3,000 free education kits in all high schools by 2020.

As far as their vision for the future? "To have every Australian and New Zealander using only reusable or sustainable sanitary items by 2021." 

We are Lunette converts at Banish and yes the conversations do "flow" around this topic. Why not start some discussions of your own and make non-biodegradable pads and tampons a thing of the past and a must for you and the health and wellbeing of the planet.

A huge congratulations to the Lunette team from all of us at Banish.

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