What does the term eco-friendly really mean?

What does the term eco-friendly really mean?


Jumping on the save the planet bandwagon! Welcome on board! Taking the first steps toward a more planet-friendly lifestyle, it isn’t only exciting but at times it can be overwhelming. You’re part of a (rapidly growing) club that loves to abbreviate and nickname just about everything. The marketing of products is the same, which is why I am here to give you a rundown so you nail the basics from the get-go.


When someone mentions going green these days there is a lot of confusion between adding in some extra veg or spirulina to a smoothie and helping the planet. While it is amazing that you’re going “green” if a product labels itself this there isn’t really much to back it up as far as industry standards go.


It’s often switched in for environmentally-friendly and sometimes nature-friendly but the true definition of the term eco-friendly – something that doesn’t harm the planet. Pretty simple stuff. By making better, more eco-friendly choices we can help protect the planet. For some simple swaps and upgrades, you can read more here.


The United Nations defines the term sustainable as something that does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sounds too good to be true right?! Honestly, there aren’t a whole heap of products that make the cut. Generally, everything we do has some kind of impact on the next gen but what we can do it choose more sustainable products.

One of the most common sustainable practices is sustainable seafood. Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide was created in a bid to help protect wildlife and guarantee not only the longevity of the seafood industry but the happiness of fish.

So when you’re next looking for something new don’t only weigh up the value and look of a product but also the environmental impact it is having. Banish stocks only the best products and the best bit? Everything is plastic free.

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