These are the best Australian sustainable beauty brands

These are the best Australian sustainable beauty brands

Green beauty

By Danielle Kirk

Transitioning to a low-waste (or even zero-waste) beauty routine can be one of the biggest challenges. We all want to feel special, beautiful and pampered, and the good news is it doesn’t have to cost the earth! Now more than ever brands are paving the way to sustainability with eco-friendly, ethical and low-waste packaged makeup, skincare and beauty products. These brands are all Australian made too!

Who: Sabbia Co.

What: Your bathroom routine just got a whole lot more chic thanks to Sabbia Co. Katie and Sav, the co-founders of this brand, were inspired to reduce single use plastic after a trip to Sri Lanka where the beaches were littered with plastic. Returning home to Burleigh Heads, they launched an ethical brand with minimal impact on the environment that creates unique facial kits out of sustainable, biodegradable, reusable and chemical free tools.

Must-Buy: Makeup Removal Pads. One of these pads plus water is all you need to get rid of a day's makeup. Super soft and gentle on skin, the reusable pads can be thrown in the wash and used time and time again. An underappreciated selling point is that they’re black, which means they won’t show mascara and foundation stains like other brands!

Who: Love Beauty Foods

What: Love Beauty Foods was founded on the belief that caring for the planet starts with caring for yourself. All their formulas are made with natural and organic ingredients sourced from local and organic growers. 

Must-Buy: Sleep & Nourish Body Oil. Do you also crave a luxe and calming sleep? Of course you do! This oil is divinely scented with chamomile, ylang ylang and sage, it quickly absorbs into the skin so there’s no stains on your sheets as you drift off to dream land. 

Who: Wanderlightly

What: A brand that strongly believes in making a difference, Wanderlightly has committed to producing great beauty products like deodorants and healing salves without plastic.

deodorant balm

Must-Buy: The natural deodorant balm. It comes in a range of scents and reviews say it’s hands down one of the best all natural deodorants around. Bonus points: it comes in a metal tin.

Who: Raww Australian Organics

What: This Aussie brand truly has it all. From skincare to makeup, all products are cruelty-free (many are vegan too) and are Certified Cosmos Natural, which means they use all natural or organic ingredients.

Must-Buy: The Acai Berry Glow Illuminator and Buffing Brush. This creme highlighter is a genius product with the shimmery illuminator at one end, and a built-in buffing brush on the other.

Who: Herbal Hiraeth

What: Following your great-grandma’s advice, Herbal Hiraeth believes in using natural ingredients and herbs to heal your skin. With luxurious herb-infused bath salts, cleansers, serums and even beard oils - you’ll be a herbal convert in no time.

Must-Buy: The detox face mask. The powerful combo of herbs and green-tea gives your skin a deep clean and a tonne of soothing.

Who: Zero Waste Beauty Australia

What: All of Zero Waste Beauty Australia’s products are 100% natural, Australian handmade, vegan, cruelty-free and packaged in glass jars with biodegradable labels. AMAZING.

Must-Buy: The cinnamon and sugar body scrub. Smells good enough to eat (please don’t though), the skin healing properties in cinnamon make this scrub the best friend of anyone who suffers from body acne.

Who: Samantha Sona

What: Samantha Sona is one of Australia’s leading beauty brand, specialising in products that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and organic.

Samantha Sona

Must-Buy: Their Self Tanning Lotion. A great golden colour than is streak-free.

Who: ECO Minerals

What: The original Australian mineral foundation company, these guys were ahead of the curve in terms of sustainability and using natural ingredients. They have since branched out to include a full sustainable, vegan and eco-friendly makeup range of everything from lipsticks to highlighters, with many products coming with zero-waste refills.

Must-Buy: The flawless mineral foundation. With samples for a small $2, you can try a few and even order a custom shade.

Who: Shampoo with a Purpose

What: Proudly Australian made and designed, these shampoo bars come in the full range for hair types: damaged/dry, volume, colour-treated and general. The best part is through the formula combines shampoo AND conditioner, so you spend less time washing your hair and can save space in the shower.

Must-Buy: The Volume shampoo and conditioner bar. The scent is divine, and so are the results.

Who: Karen Murrell

What: Technically they’re a New Zealand founded brand BUT they operate out of Australia as well and their lipsticks are cruelty-free, nasty additive free and working towards fully sustainable packaging with vegetable ink printing on the boxes.

Must-Buy: The Orchid Bloom lipstick. This is the perfect everyday shade that will take you from work to play. The creamy formula is beautifully pigmented, glides on and lasts ages.

Danielle Kirk is a travel addict, fashionista and zero waste enthusiast. When she isn't getting lost hiking in NSW's Royal National Park or researching zero waste hacks you'll find her cuddled up with a book and her cat, XanderBut it doesn't stop there she's also the founder of April to August.

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