The Plastics Breakdown - What You Can and Can’t Recycle

The internet was mind blown when one user shared that you can’t actually recycle single-use coffee cups and now add to the equation soft plastic recycling. Most people are more confused than ever on what we can and can’t put in our yellow bin.

Not many people realise but all plastic products are stamped with The Plastics Identification Code which helps identify the type of resin used and how you can recycle it.


Now before you get carried away trying to memorise each acronym and what to do with it we have a simpler solution for you.

In most cases, all plastics with a 1, 2 or 3 stamp can be recycled. 4-7 are on the maybe list so you’ll need to check in with your local council.

Soft Plastics

As its name suggests this is a way to recycle the plastics we can’t throw in the recycling think items like garbage bags, clean cling wrap, biscuit packets and lolly wrappers. Collect these at home and drop them off in the soft plastics bin at most Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.

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