Is moonstone the key to a glowing complexion?

Is moonstone the key to a glowing complexion?


By Danielle Kirk

The crystal craze is alive and well with the glowing rocks appearing not just in our homes as decorations or on our bodies as jewellery, but they’re also being harnessed for therapeutic and beauty products. Crystal drink bottles are the height of fashion, a jade roller or gua sha is a pampering must have and now the latest, crystals in skincare products. 

Daylesford Apothecary have captured the magic of moonstone to create a line of skin nourishing scrubs, masks and creams that promise a glowing complexion that will make Gwyneth Paltrow look pallid next to (I may have ad libbed that last part). We put it to the test to see if the crystal essence in the products lives up the hype.

Moonstone is praised for its medicinal and energetic properties. Medicinal benefits include rebalancing hormonal skin, eliminating toxins from the blood and reducing water retention. In terms of energy, moonstone is a great aid in rebalancing and calming emotions. If you want to enhance your intuition, Daylesford Apothecary recommends moonstone products be especially used during powerful moon cycles (e.g. a full moon) when crystals are at their most potent. 

Moonstone Face Scrub

This exfoliant has all natural exfoliating grains made from bamboo and the crystal infused scrub aids in clearing blocked pores and clearing impurities to leave you refreshed and radiant.

Did I glow? Yes! This scrub is gentle but powerful. I felt like I had a new layer of skin without feeling scratched and stripped.

Moonstone Clay Mask

Using Australian white clay and moonstone, this mask is a natural detoxifier that promotes cell turnover for a regenerated, redness and inflammation free, glowing skin. 

Did I glow? Yes! I get a lot of skin redness and found this mask balanced it very nicely. 

Moonstone Face Cream

This moonstone infused face cream is all natural (obvs) and helps skin heal, balance and retain moisture. 

Did I glow? Yes! If you love a dewy, luminescent moisturiser, this is the one for you. 

Moonstone Face & Body Spray

This gorgeous spray is made with ylang ylang water and crystals, which is said to enhance energies, balance emotions and calm hormonal issues.

Did I glow? No, but the spray is more about dewiness and refreshment, and it satisfied both of those desires. 

Are there risks to crystals in skincare products?

The most common question about crystals in skincare is “are they safe?”. After all, if someone told you to add a rock to your skin you’d wonder if that was the best call. The good news is crystals have been used in traditions all over the world for their healing and higher vibrational energies. While there are no definitive scientific studies that prove these believed benefits, crystals have been shown to brighten skin, improve tone and even texture in skin. Crystal infused skincare is safe when used by reputable brands that have tested on skin and ensure consistency in ingredients. 

Is moonstone the only crystal in skincare?

No! Along with moonstone, rose quartz (great for smoothing and fortifying skin) and citrine (great for detoxifying skin) are also popular additions to skin products. 

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