How to upcycle your old jars

How to upcycle your old jars

People get confused by the term upcycling but it is simply reusing a product for a whole new use! My favourite thing to upcycle is jars, jars, jars! It is super simple but the uses for jars are endless!

1\ Fermenting & Preserving – The opportunities are endless, I use my old jars to create my own sauerkraut and preserves. Glass jars are a great option as it is easy to clean and creates an air-tight seal. 

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2\ Kitchen storage – not only are jars great for storing dry foods in your pantry but they are also the perfect mixing device for your dressings. Label them so when you run out you can just go to your local bulk food store and refill without any waste what so ever.

3\ Glasses – whipping up a delicious smoothie. Throw it in a jar and you can trust the super tight seal from using the old lid. You can also tie a handful of rubber bands around the centre to create your own DIY reusable coffee cup.

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4\ Create your own candles! Simply light a candle in your old jars. This is safer than putting them in paper bags and can reuse them over and over again! You can also melt your own wax and make your own candles, here is a simple how-to guide.

Candle Jar

5\ Display – Paint your jars with a lick of paint or tie with colourful ribbons to create storage pots around the house. Perfect for kitchen utensils, pegs and pens.

6\ Propagating – we love using our jars at home for growing herbs and plants. Grab some cuttings from the garden, you'll be surprised at how many will take. Simply put the ends of your spring onions in water and they will regrow!


So there you have it! Never throw out a jar again with these nifty fixes.

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