How to remove the label from glass jars

How to remove the label from glass jars

How to remove lables from glass jars

I don't think there is a limit to the number of glass jars you can have. They are handy for just about anything, but if you're after the specifics you can read 6 ways to reuse your jars here. When I first started making preserves one of my biggest gripes was not being able to remove the old stickers, cleanly and after much trial and error I've got it down pat.

Step One

Fill a sink or bucket with boiling hot water, add a splash of vinegar and a squeeze of Castile soap and allow to soak for around 20 mins. This will help remove the stickers easily and help give them a sparkly finish.

Step Two

Remove and dry the jars. If you are lucky some of the labels will come off easily and hey presto you are done! Unfortunately, it isn't always that easy... for the tricky ones left form a paste using 2 tbs of olive oil to 1 tbs bicarb soda. Using the back of a spoon rub this paste on the remnants of the stickers and allow to sit for an hour. Simply wash with hot water to remove the remaining sticky glue.

You will be left with sparkling clean, sticker free jars all ready for you to use over and over again! 

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