How To Recycle Your Old Activewear

Yoga Activewear

Never thought it was possible? Think again because your old yoga pants have more value than you think.

Lululemon's little-known quality promise guarantees that if you are not 100% happy with your product years on they want to hear about. So if you have wear and tear on your yoga mat or the stitching on the fabric in your clothing is come undone not only does Lulu want to know but they will replace your product on the spot. They then recycle your old fabric to help create the best products moving forward.

The Swap Shop at Lorna Jane is an initiative where you can exchange one piece of pre-loved Activewear (it doesn't need to be LJ branded) for a $5 store credit. The program has seen 45,000 pieces donated since 2011, which are then given to the Salvation Army. Head into your local store today with your pre-loved Activewear. Note: you can only donate 3 items at a time. 

Shoes For Planet Earth accepts your old sports shoes and rehomes them around the world. Recipients include homeless shelters, youth and female crisis centres, orphanages, churches for flood and disaster victims and many more. You can find your nearest donation centre here.

US brand Patagonia is making its way into the Aussie market. They believe that "the best thing we can do for our environment is to keep our stuff in use longer." So fixing something you would otherwise throw away helps to avoid the CO2 emissions, waste and water usage that it would take to build a new one. 

Around the world Patagonia have set up Worn Wear Repair Hubs where you can take your gear for repair from broken zips to tears, pulled even alterations. For Patagonia products you'll get free repairs and they'll charge a small fee for other brands. Since 1985, they have also have donated 1% of all sales to the preservation and restoration of the environment.

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