How to find the right natural deodorant for you

How to find the right natural deodorant for you

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By Danielle Kirk

Congratulations! By making the switch to natural deodorant you’ve already taken the first step to treating the planet and your body better!

“Why should I use natural deodorant though?” you ask, well it’s for two reasons: not only does all the plastic waste suck, but a lot of mainstream deodorants are full of chemicals and other nasties (like aluminium) that may stop you smelling, but also can clog your lymph nodes and lead to hormonal issues. Because natural deodorants aren’t antiperspirants (i.e. they don’t prevent you from sweating), they don’t clog your pores and instead let the good bacteria on your skin stop the odour for you.

Sweating is natural and your bodies way of cooling itself, and natural deodorant will help control bad bacteria and reduce any smell overall (just make sure you let your body go through the detox process!). How do you choose the right deodorant for you without endless trial and error? The good news is I’ve tested almost every natural deodorant out there since I swapped a few years ago, so here is what to look for when you’re buying a natural deodorant. 

If you’re really sweaty

I must confess, I am not a super sweaty person until I’m at the gym. On the daily I’m fine, but finding a deodorant that holds up on the treadmill is a journey. The best kinds for this are paste varieties with clay. The OmMade Magnesium and Sandalwood Deodorant is a gem for this with its bentonite clay and shea butter formula. It’s creamy and thicker than deodorants that use coconut oils, and it’s also a unisex scent that’s equal parts masculine and mild. This is one you can wear all day and not have to worry about smelling.

Try it: OmMade Magnesium and Sandalwood Deodorant 

If you’re all about convenience

I get it, paste deodorants are a little more work because you have to warm them up with your hands and it can be a bit messy, so if you crave the convenience of a roll-on or stick deodorant you’re in luck - they exist in natural formulas too! The Wanderlightly Vegan Deodorant Balms come in compostable cardboard tubes that allow you to apply directly to your underarms and push up as needed, your skin warms the formula allowing it to glide on. The scents range from SUN, zesty citrus, to SOUL, a fragrant floral. LUNA is also bi-carb free, which can irritate some underarms, making it a great all-rounder deodorant. 

Try it: Wanderlightly Vegan Deodorant Balm

If you want the all-rounder

Introducing Australia's first refillable deodorant, not only do they work a charm but ASUVI is working hard on not leaving a big mark on our planet. ASUVI's range is unisex and perfect for all kinds, from heavy gym-goers to the weekend warrior they have you covered. Plus they come in a tube made out of 100% recycled materials.

Try it: ASUVI Refillable Deodorant

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Danielle Kirk is a travel addict, fashionista and zero waste enthusiast. When she isn't getting lost hiking in NSW's Royal National Park or researching zero waste hacks you'll find her cuddled up with a book and her cat, XanderBut it doesn't stop there she's also the founder of April to August.

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