4 local lingerie brands to have on your sustainable radar

4 local lingerie brands to have on your sustainable radar


By Hannah Cole

With all this recent time spent at home, we’ve had the opportunity to take a step back and consider the necessities of life. We’ve had to slow down, invest (even more) time in self-care, and be OK with not always being OK. We activated a reset on life.

Comfort has shown itself to be a unifying thread throughout this period. Loungewear sales have been off the charts as we spend more time in cosy gear, but I would argue that our underwear plays a just as important part in our overall comfort levels (if not more so). After all, these are the pieces that sit closest on our skin and can often dictate a day of confidence or despair.

I’ve been seeking out lingerie options that are supremely relaxed, make me feel good, and are considerate to the planet. Here I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite local brands that are dedicated to delivering the goods. Look no further for your next comfort-conscious purchase.



If you are looking for underwear that is so deceivably simple in appearance, yet incredibly well-designed, NICO is your label. Select from a range of styles depending on your need – everything from thongs to high-waist briefs, triangle bras to supportive underwire. The organic cotton range cleverly uses plant-based dyes to create the cutest pastel colours which are enough to brighten up each morning in a small way. 

Lonely Lingerie

Across the ditch resides Lonely Lingerie. The NZ label specialises in a wide size offering and makes lacey intimates cute for any body. With a strong stance on inclusivity, the brand advocates confidence for all – all the while promoting ethical manufacturing.

Hara the Label


Hara the Label specialises in bamboo underwear like no other. Typically, the process to create bamboo fabrics are steeped in toxic chemicals, however Hara has uncovered a way to keep things clean. Non-toxic chemicals are used in this closed-loop system (meaning that the water and solvent are captured and reused) and the bamboo is sourced from certified organic growers. The result is a selection of coloured undergarments made for wearing on the daily. 

Hand Organic

With a desire to create timeless and conscious underwear, Hand Organic is designed for those looking for high quality and supple-feeling pieces. In keeping the business local, the organic cotton is sourced from ethical producers within Australia and is manufactured ethically in Brisbane. On top of that, the label pledges 5% of all sales to support likeminded organisations including The Healing Foundation and Rain Forest Rescue. 

It feels good to be comfortable and sustainable, too. 

About the author

Hannah Cole is a writer and thinker, with particular interest in sustainable living, fashion and beauty. If it weren’t for isolation, you would find her soaking up the beachside sun - instead, she’s hunkering down and farming some backyard produce.

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