BRAD Update

BRAD Update

I am really excited to let you know that BRAD is changing! It's almost been two years since I started this program and I still can't believe how many people have recycled their hard-to-recycle items. The program has fast evolved to become one of Australia's most inclusive recycling programs, with weekly sorting sessions, a dedicated team of volunteers and the monstrous pile of parcels... BRAD is a BEAST!

As many of you know BRAD is currently solely funded by Banish. As a small social enterprise, we pay for many of these items to be recycled on top of the overhead costs of running this program. As the program has grown so drastically the costs are far higher than we ever anticipated. Instead of closing the program, I've come up with a solution. Introducing BRAD pre-paid collections.

How it works:

1. Simply purchase a BRAD collection online for $15, this includes postage and the cost of recycling your items.

2. When you're ready fill out the form that will be emailed to you.

3. One of our BRADies will send you a postage-paid label, depending on your circumstances this will either be a pick-up from your home or a label to place on a box and pop into a red Australia post box.

4. Your parcel gets picked up and you can track it all the way back to us.

Purchase a BRAD collection

What this means for you

- In many cases, you will save on the cost of postage with many of our recyclers paying more than $15 in postage right now

- A courier could come straight to your door to pick up your parcel or you can place your collection in a red Australia Post box - no lining up required!

- As soon as a collection is booked you will receive your voucher, no more waiting around!

- The program was originally 100% funded by the use of the recycling vouchers, whilst this will continue it won't be our only way of financially supporting the program so you shouldn't feel pressured to use it

What this means for BRAD

- The leftover $1-3 from the postage cost will go straight towards funding and growing the BRAD program

- We will be able to forecast the number of parcels coming in to organise the right number of BRAD sorting sessions and stay on top of the mountain

- I have big dreams for BRAD which include sorting sessions for kids and BRAD days/events to educate more people, expanding our BRAD product range and opening up more hubs around Australia. As we grow and scale our expenses continue to increase which is why we appreciate your continued support.

The not so small print

There is a size limit of 1 x shoe box and 3kg per box for a pre-paid collection but from our data the average weight of a parcel is 900g so you should be fine.

If you have multiple shoe boxes you will need to purchase multiple collections.

You can use your current recycling vouchers on the purchase of a BRAD collection but the minimum spend of $50 applies, therefore you could actually purchase 3 and get 1 free!

If you're a community group or business that has been collecting please email for your options

BRAD Drop-Offs

In exciting news, you can now drop off your BRAD parcels! Our new Banish Sustainability Hub at Central Station in Sydney is accepting drop offs, making it even easier for Sydney locals to do their bit for the planet and learn more about recycling. 

Simply purchase your $10 Pre-Paid Brad Drop Off online, or pay in-store on arrival and receive a $10 Banish voucher that can be used at any time. We recommend double checking your drop off with our BRAD Do’s and Don'ts before arrival, as drop offs have the highest level of contamination (i.e. items we don’t accept and can’t recycle!).

Drop off anytime between 9am and 5pm. You can find us at the Railway Square exit of Central Station in Sydney:

Gadigal Land
Shop 19, 2 Lee St Haymarket NSW 2000

Come in and learn how your items are recycled, and explore our brand-new Sustainability Hub and education space!

Book your BRAD Drop Off here.


Have any questions? Please email the BRAD team with any questions about the new process, on what you can recycle or to see if we've sorted your parcel (send through tracking as well if you have it), email