Supplier stories: Cutting it close with Razor Distributors

Supplier stories: Cutting it close with Razor Distributors

By Lottie Dalziel

For Steve Russell going into the razor business just made sense, "my grandfather gave me his Gillette safety razor when I was young and I have been fascinated by them ever since." 

It wasn't until 2003 that Steve discovered Parker Safety Razor and began his journey with themAnd six years later, Razor Distributors was born, the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Parker Safety Razor.

"Parker Safety Razor is a family owned business started in 1973 with commitment towards high quality shaving products. In their journey of more than 45 years, through their state of art production facility and quality control, they have come a long way in producing the finest quality safety razors, shaving brushes, barber blade razors and other grooming products.

The unmistakable features of the Parker brand are craftsmanship, design, styling, high quality manufacturing and engineering." This family-run business puts people first constantly looking for the next razor whilst keeping their customers front of mind. 

A career highlight for Steve was working with the Parker team in 2018 to remove all plastic from their packaging. "Beginning in Australia the new packaging is now supplied worldwide. It is 100% plastic free and compostable. Making shaving with a Parker Safety Razor truly plastic free and zero waste."

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Lottie Dalziel is the founder and editor in chief of Banish. She has a passion for the environment and wants to help educate and inspire individuals to make small changes towards a more sustainable future. Stay up to date with her latest challenges on Instagram or Tik Tok @lottiedalziel. 

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