Supplier Stories: Have a cuppa with Lee from Little Wildling Co.

Supplier Stories: Have a cuppa with Lee from Little Wildling Co.

By Sherron Dalziel

Little Wilding Co. is not just a herbal tea company, it's a "tea revolution!"

Founded in 2015, Lee Sutherland has combined her extensive study of Herbal Medicine with her love and passion for tea. The result is exciting - natural herbal tea combinations that not only have incredible health and healing benefits but taste amazing for everyday use.

Whether it's skin or stress issues, the aim of the business is, said Lee,
"to give you a little bit of health in every sip. To encourage you to take a moment out in your busy day."

As we all know, first impressions can often make or break a deal. We as consumers are instinctively attracted to products that look good and the clever branding of Little Wilding has seen its fab packaging play an important part in the success of the business. It is then up to the tea itself and the fabulous flavour and health benefits that have resulted in customers coming back time and time again. 

More amazing combinations are constantly being explored. Try the "I Work Out" Loose leaf blend. Drink it in the morning for a non-caffeinated energy boost or in the afternoon when that 3pm slump kicks in. Grab your little Wilding tea strainer/infused and its just 1-2 teaspoons to each cup of boiling water. Be patient or smash out some squats to allow the leaves to infuse and draw out the medicinal magic. Or try Lee's favourite, I Am Golden Tumeric Latte.

The companies holistic approach and commitment to a sustainable future for us all is seeing them move to be 100% green by the end of 2018. The refillable jars are already in use and the pouch refills will soon be recyclable. 

We asked Lee about her own environmental goals. "Gosh so many! Personally, our house has stepped it up by 200% from things like straws to shopping bags to our three chickens which we give our scraps to and they give us eggs. I want to continue to step it up so my children will never know any different." (Lee also had 2 babies as part of her personal product range whilst establishing the company)

A new website blog section is also on the way. We Are The Wild Ones: Little Wilding is aiming to pair their health and wellness philosophy with inspired and inspiring blogs and interviews from other creatives and game changers. It's this total vision, education and awareness about our actions and the impact and change it can have on ourselves and the environment that can make such a difference. 

Little Wilding certainly has the tea in the bag! 

(or jar, or pouch, or infuser)

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