NABERS: How do you measure sustainability?

NABERS: How do you measure sustainability?

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System, commonly known as NABERS is the measurement of sustainability within the building sector. The system drives both environmental performance, cost savings and innovation. In this episode we speak with NABERS Sector Lead Sara Rathbourne, about the rating scheme, Charter Hall’s operations and onsite e-waste recycling.

For Sara, sustainability is about leaving the earth in a better place than we found it. From a property owners perspective, Sara explains, it means making sure that the daily operating energy usage is from renewable resources and water is managed efficiently, amongst others. 

To date NABERS has been able to demonstrate a billion dollars in energy bills saved by our users, nearly 7 million tons of CO2 emissions saved, which is enough to power nearly 93,000 homes for a year and nearly an 80% participation in the office sector, quite significant achievements right?

Want to find out more? Listen to the full episode below. 

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