Caroma: Where innovation meets sustainable design

Caroma: Where innovation meets sustainable design

Dr. Steve Cummings is Caroma's innovation director and the brains behind the revolutionary two button flush system used to justify 5.5 liters of water in comparison to 11 liters per full flush. Over his 40 year history he has been recognized as one of the pioneers in sustainable design. Lottie talks to Steve about his pathway to sustainable design and how he's pushing a sustainability agenda in the bathroom and kitchen industry.

Dr. Steve Cummings team at Caroma was named good design team of the year in 2019. Good design Australia refers to Steve as a pioneer in sustainable design, not only pushing the boundaries of aesthetics, but also efficiency and performance saving over 200,000 gigalitres (gigalitre = a hundred million litres) of water till date.

Steve and the team at Caroma are leaders in water conservation, developing inventions like the dual flush toilet that changed the world and continuing to improve water sustainability for the future of water and life. 

Want to find out more? Listen to the full episode below. 

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