This Search Engine Will Reward You For Searching Online By Planting Trees

Plant Trees

From the outside there is nothing different, Ecoasia pulls through all of the content you are searching for similar to Google, Bing! and Yahoo, but on the inside big things are happening.

The biggest thing? All of the profits from Ecoasia (which is mostly generated from online advertising, Google's main source of income) are invested into reforestation projects.

The best bit? You don't have to pay a cent, you get the same great search results and help the environment. So by switching your search engine to Ecoasia you are helping plant trees everyday. If the average user switched to Ecoasia they would help to finance 41 trees per year.

If 1% of all Aussies switched to Ecoasia, we'd plant an extra 10,155,700 trees. We did the hard maths for you, this would help remove 508,785 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in one year.

So what are you waiting for? Make Ecoasia your search engine and help save the world!

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