The Zero Waste Wedding Dress Transformation Every Bride Needs To Read

The Zero Waste Wedding Dress Transformation Every Bride Needs To Read

It's arguably one of the biggest days of your life, hours, days and often months of planning and effort goes into that one big day but all too often "the" dress ends up sitting in a box in your cupboard holding memories and sadly gathering dust. We chatted with Sustainable Swapper, food prepping pro and overall legend, Katie Lolas, on exactly what sparked her decision to convert her wedding dress to all-round party dress.

What inspired you to get your wedding dress altered? 

KL: I didn't want to put my Karen Willis Holmes dress to the back of my closet because it is by far the most significant piece of clothing I have ever worn and I wanted to find a creative way to wear it again."
Was this always your intention when you bought it?
KL: Not at all, I just felt sad having to box it up and decided I wanted to create another opportunity for me to wear it again! I have even kept the excess fabric and plan to create something out of it for my future children.
How much did it cost to tailor it (if you don't mind me asking)?
KL: The alterations cost around $300, which I thought was pretty reasonable since there is a liner underneath and the hand beaded fabric is cut on a bias and did not want to cooperate. Plus, now I have a multi-purpose cocktail dress, which I plan to wear each year on our wedding anniversary!
And do you know of the tailor does this often?
KL: Not for wedding dresses, no.  But I think more women should consider getting it done. It was so much fun to wear it again on New Year's Eve!
Has Katie's story inspired you to rejig your wedding dress or even alter a dress that doesn't suit as well as it used to? We'd love to see your outfit transformations, tag us on Instagram or email in 
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