How You Can Get Involved In The 2018 Trash Tribe

How You Can Get Involved In The 2018 Trash Tribe

The Trash Tribe is looking for this year's new recruits! Each year Clean Collective takes a group of young Australians to some of our most polluted beaches. These untouched, remote beaches are covered in more plastic pollution than anything you've seen before.


In the 2017 expedition, the team collected over seven tonnes of plastic from a stretch of just 6.8km. Since launching the Trash Tribe has collected over 10 tonnes of plastic from Australian coastlines. 

The 10-day round trip to Chilli Beach in Cape York will see this year's group scour the coastline for 7-days removing everything from plastic bottle lids to plastic cosmetic bottles and fishing nets.

After the life-changing trip, the Tribe returns to their own community to share their experience, spreading the importance of plastic waste and ocean pollution.


To find out more head to Clean Collective applications close 5pm, 6 May, 2018

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