How to have a more sustainable Easter

How to have a more sustainable Easter


By Lottie Dalziel

Easter is a joyous occasion for all. It’s an excuse to indulge in a bit of extra chocolate and spend some quality time with the family. While we all love to indulge, there are a couple of simple ways to make your Easter that little bit greener.

1. Make a tin egg

It’s a little-known secret that the tin foil wrapping of Easter eggs can actually go into your recycling bin. All you need to do is create a ball that is at least the size of a tennis ball with leftover wrappers or tin foil. Make it a game with the kids and watch the ball grow over the holidays.




2. Take a closer look

"When you’re next stocking up on chocolate eggs look closer than their colourful wrapping. Look for choccy that is fair trade and that doesn’t contain any palm oil. Palm oil (which is often disguised as “vegetable oil” on the ingredients list) is the leading cause of deforestation in Australia and South East Asia and also has a dramatic impact on climate change."

Here’s a list of our favourite palm-oil free chocolate brands:

  • Haigh's Chocolate blocks
  • Whittaker's
  • Pana Chocolate
  • Lindt & Sprungli – Lindt Excellence and Lindt Creation chocolate blocks (Note: filled products such as Lindor do contain palm oil)
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate blocks – Dairy Milk, Old Gold, Dream
  • Aldi Stores: Choceur, Just Organics, Moser-Roth

3. In the bag

When you’re stocking up on a batch of hot cross buns save the plastic bag and pop it in the REDcycle soft plastics bin at the front of your local Woolworths or Coles when you go back for round two (or 22). Alternatively, you could shop local and buy your hot cross buns from your local bakery and BYO Onya bread bag for a zero waste option.

Bread bag

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Lottie Dalziel is the founder and editor in chief of Banish. She has a passion for the environment and wants to help educate and inspire individuals to make small changes towards a more sustainable future. Stay up to date with her latest challenges on Instagram

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