How To Get Involved With Clean Up Australia Day 2018

How To Get Involved With Clean Up Australia Day 2018

Established in 1989 Clean Up Australia Day is held on the first Sunday of March every year, and encourages people to clean up their local areas. In 2918, it falls on March 4th.

Anyone can register a park, beach, school or plot they plan to clean up on the Clean Up Australia website, and bring along all of your friends - the more the merrier. 

Some of the larger activities that take place on Clean Australia Day see the removal of large items such as car bodies from waterways and the collection of general waste lying around.

But remember even though organised activities take place at the beginning of March, every day should be Clean Up Australia Day.

Another great everyday initiative is Take Three for The Sea which encourages people to take three pieces of waste from our beautiful beaches every time they leave. Read more about them here.

Come on Australia, there's no time to waste! Together we can Banish rubbish for good!

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