Hip hip hooray today is our 5th birthday!

Hip hip hooray today is our 5th birthday!

I can't quite believe it, one of the few new years resolutions that actually worked and gave me the brain spark to start Banish.

It feels like just yesterday that Banish was merely an idea on paper but five years later here we are! With over 800 products from over 65 Aussie brands, a community of over 150,000 and not to mention the growth of the BRAD program.

All these years later my aim is still crystal clear; help Australians reduce their environmental footprint with the right products and even better education. 

Here are five of my highlights

1/ Education


My favourite part of what I do is connecting and teaching people how to live more sustainably. There was a slight pause in in-person events so we focussed heavily on online education with the launch of the WLW Workbook and Recycling Guide but I am excited to get back out there and chat with you all again.


2/ B Corp

This time last year I announced that Banish had been awarded B Corp certification. Obtaining B Corp cert was no easy feat but I am so proud that we are recognised by an independent international body for our high social and environmental performance.



BRAD has been one of the hardest but most rewarding aspects of Banish. What started as a small way to give back to our community has grown into one of Australia's most extensive consumer-led recycling programs. 

To date, we have diverted over 14 tonnes of 170,000 pieces of plastic from landfill thanks to the support of over 13,000 households from around Australia. 


4/ TEDx talk

A pie-in-the-sky goal for me was to host my very own TEDx talk and in 2020 that dream became a reality. Titled "the power of community in fighting climate change" is something a wholeheartedly believe in and put into practice every day.

Watch now



It is such an honour to be the 2023 NSW Young Australian of the Year. To be given the opportunity to bring planetary conversations to the agenda and to be heard by so many. I don't really know exactly what this year has instore for Banish or myself but I am excited to see what happens.

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