8 sustainable winter swaps ❄️🥶

As temps drop warm up with our collection of sustainable winter essentials. These winter warmers are all fully sustainable, eco-friendly and kind to our bodies and our planet.


1. SOS Balm

You can't go past our best selling SOS Balm. All natural and organic balm for all ages, all over body. Rich in organic rosehip, calendula and jojoba oils. Intense moisture restoration and protection from damage caused by the elements. Healing and nourishing, use for minor skin irritations including dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, nappy rash, bites and stings. Use me everywhere, every day.

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2. Loose Leaf Tea

Nothing screams winter warmer like a steamy cuppa and a good book. It's a little known fact that most tea bags are actually made from plastic, switching to loose leaf tea is simple and easy. Plus Little Wildling Co have a fabulous range and tasty organic blends.

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3. Hydrating Face Mist

An essential step to any cleansing routine, this refreshing toner mist will remove traces of residual oil and surface impurities while hydrating and nourishing your skin.

A unique blend of potent, antioxidant rich, botanical extracts formulated to boost skin hydration and tighten pores. Desert Lime, Finger Lime, Quandong and Kakadu plum work synergistically to reveal a fresher, softer and more hydrated complexion while boosting antioxidants levels.

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4. Organic Cotton Waffle Blanket

Speaking of getting cosy, you can't go past a deliciously soft waffle blanket. Nakheel's all-season Waffle blankets are absolutely fluffy and perfect for snuggling. This best-seller weave is sure to add a delicate aspect to your bed and sleeping experience.

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5. Soothe & Soak Bath Salts

Combining the best of both worlds – organic botanical herbs with a little extra something something added (ok it's Magnesium Chloride) for THE ultimate soak. Relax, unwind and recharge with these organic bath salts.

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6. Goddess Hair Oil

Hair can be subjected to a number of factors that result in the hair becoming dry, frizzy, undernourished, hair loss and split ends. Some of these factors include excessive use of heat in hair styling, coloring, environmental factors such as pollution and the overuse of hair styling products. Oiling is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to nourish the hair, protect it and keep it healthy.

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7. Insulated Coffee Cup

Don't let your coffee go cold! These insulated coffee cups keep your coffee seriously hot for 12 hours. Meaning that even in the chilliest of conditions you can warm up with a toasty brew. Easy to use, easy to clean. Loves to travel, fits in your cup holder and is the perfect companion for your everyday.

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8. Nourishing Body Oil

I personally find body oils to be a super nourishing solution for dry skin. With a vibrant scent of Australian Lemon Myrtle and Ginger, this silky body oil helps to stimulate the mind and invigorate the body as it envelopes and softens skin. The dynamic formula combines Jojoba, Sunflower, Hemp and Pumpkin oil, ingredients known to improve moisture reserves, pacify inflammation and fortify the skin barrier. 

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