The $7 product with approximately 10,000 beauty uses

The $7 product with approximately 10,000 beauty uses

By Danielle Kirk

Looking for an inexpensive beauty product that’s eco-friendly, recyclable and does it all? Coconut oil is here to deliver! Made from the flesh and ‘meat’ of coconuts, the all-natural oil is full of good things skin and hair love, such as fatty acids, anti-inflammatory properties and collagen boosting power. 

The best part is coconut oil is a bargain. You can easily pick up a jar of organic coconut oil for around $7! Obviously we’re not going to list all 10,000 (unless you would read it?!), but here are our top 10 uses for coconut oil.

1. Body moisturiser

Cheap and luxurious don’t often go hand in hand, but coconut body oil fits the bill! The oil melts into your skin, contains no fragrances that could irritate sensitive skin and is full of good fats that’ll transform dry skin. For the truly adventurous you can even create a whipped body butter from coconut oil using your kitchen beaters!

2. Eye makeup remover

Stubborn eye makeup doesn’t stand a chance against coconut oil! Warm up a small amount in your hands and use it to gently shift waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. Wipe away the excess with a reusable makeup wipe

3. Hair treatment

Dry hair getting you down? Coconut oil can fix that too! Warm up some coconut oil and apply to your lengths after shampooing. Leave wrapped in a towel for 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dry hair no more! Take it to the next level with our DIY banana and coconut oil hair mask

4. Shaving cream

If you’ve always searched for a shaving cream that’s smooth during the shave and nourishing afterwards, coconut oil is what you’ve been dreaming of! You can use it alone, or in a pre-prepared shaving bar for the ultimate hair removal session.

5. Body scrub

Coconut oil plays really well with grittier substances such as coffee granules or sand as it can hold them together and allow you to work with them to buff your body. DIY your own body scrub with coconut oil, coffee granules and peppermint, or buy a luxe one from Beach Road Naturals, and feel exfoliated and supple.

6. Highlighter

Coconut oil really shines (pun intended) as a face highlighter. Get a faux sunkissed glow by adding a dab to the high points of your face where the light hits.  

7. Hair tamer

A tiny amount of coconut oil can go a long way in taming flyaways or creating a seek, slicked back hairstyle. Just be sure to warm it up in your hands first! You don’t want chunks of hard product in your new ‘do. 

8. Lip gloss

Need some lip moisture and you’ve run out of lip balm? Coconut oil works! It’s all natural and extra good for lips in winter that are red and chapped.

9. Bath soak

Next time you’re taking a bath, add some coconut oil to your usual bubbles or essential oil scents. Soaking in the oils and hot water will allow it to seep into your skin and you’ll be soft without even trying. Create an even coco-nutty experience by burning a coconut oil candle! Be careful when you’re getting out of the tub though, the coconut oil makes things quite slippery! Even better, rinse your bathtub with hot water afterwards so it’s not too slippery when you jump in for your next dip.

10. Night cream

The fatty acids in coconut oil make it great for a nourishing skin treatment. A small amount can easily work as a night cream or oil. It’s non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog pores, and it also soaks into your skin meaning no residue on your pillow.

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