Here are the first sustainable swaps that I made


By Lottie Dalziel

When I first started making sustainable swaps it was anything but easy! I didn't even know where to start and felt totally overwhelmed. My biggest piece of advice would be to pick one or two items and make them the goal for next few months.

I don't like being too prescriptive as everyone is on their own journey but here are a couple of the first things that I swapped out so that you can take some inspiration.

Stainless Steel Straw

The idea for Banish formed when I tried to hunt down the most sustainable straw for my morning smoothie, the ones I ordered online came individually wrapped in plastic! Available in five different colours these stainless steel straws are dishwasher safe and come with a cleaning brush too.

Shop now, 5-pack for $22.95



Did you know that 40% of your household waste is actually made up of things that could be composted? If you don't have the space or desire to compost in your yard download Share Waste it is how I started. I connected with a neighbour who wanted my waste to create fertiliser for his garden it was a win-win.

Shop now, $44.95


Bamboo Toothbrush

Every plastic toothbrush that you or I have ever used still exists somewhere on this planet and will take at least 300 years to break down. Send your plastic brush to BRAD and then make the switch to a bamboo toothbrush, then once you're finished you can compost the handle.

Shop now, 4-pack for $18.00


Compostable Dish Cloths

Most supermarket dish cloths and wipes are made from tiny fragments. I’ve been using the same cloths for 3 years now and they are still going strong. When they are done I just put them straight into my compost and they break down quickly being 100% cotton!

Shop now, 3-pack for $39.95


Reusable Coffee Cup

I've been a reusable coffee cup user for a loonngggg time, we're talking before they were "cool" and instagrammable. It's a simple and effective habit that in some cases will save you 50c per order. Plus, these cups keep your drinks warm or cold which is great for me because I am ALWAYS forgetting about them. 

Shop now from $39.95


Laundry Soap Nuts

When you next run out of laundry detergent give soap nuts a go. They are literally small berries that you add to your washing load. When they touch water they release a natural soapanin which cleans your clothes and even removes smells and stains if you're anything like me.

Shop now $20.00


Ladies Safety Razor

To say I was intimidated by safety razors is an understatement. There appears to be nothing safe about them. If you take your time, concentrate and enjoy the ritual they will reward you with the closest and cleanest shave for you and the planet. Plus each razor from Banish comes with a free 5 pack of blades (which can be recycled). 

Shop now from $42.95


Shampoo & Conditioner Bar

I was a very big skeptic when I first found out about shampoo bars. How could a bar do the work of six bottles of shampoo and conditioner? But they actually work!! They get very foamy, clean your hair well and last forever, mine last about 6 months a bar.

Shop now $16.00

About the author

Lottie Dalziel is the founder and editor in chief of Banish. She has a passion for the environment and wants to help educate and inspire individuals to make small changes towards a more sustainable future. Stay up to date with her latest challenges on Instagram


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