8 waste-less new year’s resolution ideas

8 waste-less new year’s resolution ideas

By Isla Bewaitin

I’m not one for new year’s resolutions. Mostly because in the past I’ve made them too vague or unachievable and have just ended up with a gym membership was a pain to cancel. But 2021 is a new and better year, so maybe a couple of new year’s resolutions are what I need.

If moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle is something you are keen to do, here are some waste less new year’s resolution ideas to consider:

1\ Go digital!

This is something we can all do quickly in January and spend the rest of the year adapting to. So, start selecting emails as your preference for all those organisations in your life which like to send updates or bills. Move away from newspapers to online news subscriptions. And put in a Christmas gift request for a kindle now, if you are ready to give up on holding onto books.

2\ Love lunch

Take lunch to work or make lunch at home (if you’re working from home). For me, I’m thinking I’ll commit to taking lunch to work four days a week for all of January and then seeing how that goes (I do love a Friday lunch out). This means I’ll save money but also on food waste at home and can say no to plastic packaging

3\ Quit disposables

No disposable coffee cups for a year! Avoid that spontaneous coffee if you don’t have your reusable coffee cup on you or take the opportunity for a breather and sit down at a cafe

4\ Buy in bulk

Start shopping at a bulk foods store. You can avoid a lot of unnecessary packaging by buying food from your local bulk food store and bringing your owns bags and jars

5\ Stop buying new clothes for a whole year!

This is a tough one, but I know it’s achievable because friends (like Lottie) have successfully done it… it’s a bit unrealistic for me but maybe I’ll just stop myself from buying jewellery for a year

6\ Be friends with BRAD

Give the Banish Recycling Program a red hot crack starting on January 1st start a box for BRAD and start recycling

7\ Compost king

Start composting at home or delivering your food waste to someone else’s compost bin via Share Waste. If you need some tips on how to get started click here

8\ Sustainable swapper

Swapping out day to day tools with sustainable options. Once you’ve finished with something looking for a greener option. Start a sustainable makeover of your home starting with your kitchen and bathroom by looking for sustainable swaps such as beeswax wrapping paper or shampoo bars.

Pick one or more that suits you and tailor it to make it a good challenge! Use this as a chance to build good waste less habits.

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