6 Tricks Every Sustainable Beauty Addict Should Know

6 Tricks Every Sustainable Beauty Addict Should Know

By Danielle Kirk

Living that sustainable life doesn’t mean beauty obsessed folk have to go without! There are plenty of ways to try the products you love, experiment with makeup and pamper your skin without creating landfill. Here are six tricks that every beauty addict should know about getting more from your beauty cabinet while saving the planet.

1. Close the loop with BRAD

Don’t forget Banish offer their BRAD program! Send us your empty beauty products that can’t be recycled in your kerbside bin and we’ll make sure they get a new life, plus give you a $15 Banish voucher. You can then use the voucher to buy even more beauty products!



2. Coconut oil does it all

If there’s one cheap but impactful product you need in your beauty arsenal it’s coconut oil. Not only is it natural, readily available and inexpensive - it does EVERYTHING! You can use it as a makeup remover, moisturiser (body is best, but can work on your face in a pinch), lip gloss, highlighter, hair tamer and dare we say it, as a lubricant! (Just please don’t use this with condoms as it’s oil based and will break down the condom!). Grab a jar and keep it handy in the bathroom we say! Hot tip: Make sure you get a good quality coconut oil, not one designed for cooking!

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3. Return your LUSH containers for a free facemask or $1 off 

LUSH are known for their transparency, environmental goals and efforts to better society through beauty. All their products are clearly marked with how to dispose of them (e.g. recycle the tops in store, kerbside recycle the bottle). They go one step further though and create a closed loop of recycling with their black plastic containers! Bring 5 empty (and clean!) pots or specified makeup products back in store and they’ll recycle them and turn them into playgrounds AND give you a free fresh face mask. Hot tip: I recommend the BB Seaweed mask! LUSH have also recently announced from May 2021 that they’ll be also offering $1 off your purchase for every empty pot you bring in if you’d prefer a discount to the face mask.




4. Make your mascara wand go further

Don’t throw out your favourite mascara wand! You can keep your perfect brush going by giving it a good clean and turning it into a handy eyebrow brush for your handbag, or using the same brush in your next mascara if you don’t like that brushes effect. Already have too many? Your old mascara wands can help local wildlife by cleaning their delicate fur after bushfires, oil spills or insect infestations. There are a few places that accept them, such as Sea Shepherd, Tweed Valley Animal Rescue and many local shelters.



5. Recycle your M.A.C. Cosmetics for a free lipstick

Love a free lipstick? Us too! M.A.C. have been encouraging people to return their empties long before sustainability was on other brands’ radars. Simply take back any six empty products (foundations, lipsticks etc.) to a M.A.C. store and they’ll give you your choice of any lipstick for free. Then you can start the cycle again!



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6. Upgrade to reusable makeup removers

Disposable makeup wipes be handy in a pinch, but they sadly don’t breakdown in landfill, or worse, in waterways if they get flushed (seriously, don’t Google “fatburg”, I man it, don’t!). The best thing you can do for the planet (and your wallet) here is upgrade to reusable makeup remover pads or towels. They clean your makeup off using ONLY water, can be thrown in an overnight bag, washed, and reused again and again and again. They’re a chic investment that goes on giving.

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