6 Items every traveller needs to smash their zero waste goals

Packing for your next overseas holiday? Don't throw your zero waste goals out the window. Pack the essentials to help you on your journey around the world and stay eco-friendly.

Tote bag
This might just be one of the handiest essentials. Rolling up into a lightweight handful a calico tote bag is perfect to keep in your carry on bag. On my last trip I used it for day trips to the beach, when I did a bit of retail therapy and at the end of my trip for all of my dirty laundry.

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Reusable coffee cup
Forget your daily coffee date this is going to be your next true love. Ever noticed how much unnecessary plastic is used on flights? Take your reusable coffee cup in your carry on for refills of tea, coffee and wine on the plane. When you land it is still handy to keep in your handbag for your grocery shop, we filled ours with cherries and skipped a bag! Not to mention it will help you continue your daily coffee addiction - without the waste. 

Onya produce bags
These bags weigh in at just 10g so surely they won't weigh down your bag. Grab a couple of Onya produce bags (they come in packs of 5 or 8) as they come in handy for just about anything! I still try to shop at bulk food stores when I am travelling so I filled one with nuts. It's also a great way to keep all your socks in one place in your bag and means if you are doing a load of washing you're guaranteed to not lose a thing! You can easily wash them with your clothes or soak them in a bit of dishwashing liquid and water for a quick refresh.

Bamboo cutlery 
I must admit I hadn't travelled with my own cutlery before my last trip but it was a game changer! Bamboo cutlery is light-weight, easy to clean and quick drying. I used my set on the plane, when we ate takeaway food and on our many picnics. 

Reusable straw 
Bamboo or stainless steel? It depends on what is your favourite. Throw it in with your cutlery set and you'd be surprised how many times you use it. Straws are as compulsory as cocktails on holiday, so take yours wherever you go and save a turtle.


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Water bottle 
It may sound simple but it's one of the things I often forget. During a working day, it is easy to hit the 2-3L water target but the same can't be said when you are travelling. Pair that with lots of walking and time in the sun and you are asking for dehydration. It might weigh your bag down a little bit more but it will also save you a lot of money. Personally, I love using S'well bottles as they keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12hrs. In the mornings at breakfast fill your bottle up (in winter I fill it with warm water and fresh lemon) and you'll be spared until lunch at least. If you are in a country where tap water isn't safe bring your own alkaline tables to treat the water. Otherwise, if it comes to it buy a big plastic bottle (5L) and keep it in your hotel. This will save all of the small individual bottles and these are often refilled and reused.

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  • Hullo! I just wanted to say that I love all these tips you’ve given- I’ve recently just come across Onya and wow what an amazing brand. So many uses for travel!
    I, myself, have recently been looking into zero waste travel options for a upcoming trip and i realised how easy it is to be bogged down with things and how hard it is to strip it back to the necessities!
    I came across this incredible brand that I thought would be great for the light weight traveler. It’s called Stojo, and it’s a compactable coffee cup that’s made out of recycled materials and food grade silicon! It compresses into just 2 inches! Perfect for slipping into your day bag as you go out adventuring! Anyway, just thought I would share!

    kind regards,

    Isabelle Murdoch

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