5 Ways To Make Your Beauty Routine Waste Free


When first going on my little waste journey I found the easiest way to make changes were room by room. There are so many quirky bathroom products around that can help you significantly slash your waste.

1. Bamboo Toothbrushes

Each year in Australia we throw away over 30 million toothbrushes which creates around 1000 tonnes of landfill a year!!! The solution? Make the switch to a completely biodegradable bamboo toothbrush - just remove the bristles and throw it in the compost bin once you're done.

2. Safety Razors

Unlike other razors that are made from bright plastic cartridges that take hundreds of years to break down and what seems like only two shaves to be useless, safety razors NEVER need to be replaced! Learn more here.

3. BYO Cup Day

Don't limit bulk food stores to food, when you're next in need of beauty products take your own jar and grab your own shampoo, conditioner and soap. Alternatively look for packaging that is 100% recyclable (like all beauty on Banish) or reusable like these epsom salts in jars.

4. Moon Cups

I cannot recommend moon or menstrual cups enough. You will use approximately 10,000 tampons in your lifetime - but what if I told you a moon cup could change it all. They last for 10 years so you'll be saving dollars and the environment. Need further convincing? Learn more here.

5. Reusable Wipes

Do you churn through make-up wipes like there's no tomorrow? Look for reusable makeup cloths - not only are they reusable but they work better and have no chemicals leaving your skin feeling refreshed not clogged. Our top three pics are sante by enjo, the original make up eraser and Kmart's cloth eraser.

There are plenty more waste-free beauty options but these are a great starting point.

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