3 Things To Remember Before You Give Your Bathroom An Eco Makeover

3 Things To Remember Before You Give Your Bathroom An Eco Makeover

By Danielle Kirk

Ready to tackle your bathroom in your low-waste journey? I personally found it the easiest room to make eco-friendly changes, but I did learn some interesting things along the way, so here are three things to remember before you give your bathroom an eco makeover. 

1. It’s better to use what you have than throw it away

Once the inspiration bug has hit it’s hard to swat it away as it tells you to throw everything out and start fresh. Resist the urge! Remember, everything you throw away to make room for dry body brushes, muslin face cloths and soap bars ends up in landfill. It may take some time to get through your beauty products, skincare, shower gels and even bathroom cleaning products, but be patient and give everything the life it deserves before throwing it out (or recycling with BRAD) to buy a more aesthetic replacement. In a weird way, you’ll feel like you really earned your gorgeous eco-products when the time comes!

2. Glass looks pretty, but keep it dry

I learned the hard way that the beautiful rows of matching glass bottles in the shower are better in pictures than practice. Tiles + water + glass = danger. Save the amber bottles and other glass products for outside wet areas. Logically you may think that glass will last longer than wood or bamboo in a shower stall, but all it takes is one slippery hand to drop it and it’s gone (and you’re standing in shards of glass!). Wherever you can, use a non-glass soap dish, re-use old plastic bottles and metal pump bottles (or just body wash soap bars). If you MUST use glass pump bottles, keep them out of the shower stream and be extra careful. 

3. Less is more

We’ve all fallen prey to wanting to create the perfect Pinterest room at one point, and a quick browse through “natural bathroom” will have you stocking up on hundreds of amber bottles and tinctures you’ve never used before. While it’s great to try new things, when you first start out with a more green bathroom, it’s best to invest in what you know you actually use! It sounds simple, but I’ve had so many people tell me about the four different facial rollers and gua sha’s they’ve bought, only to realise they only need one and don’t have time in their routine for it. Start small by replacing your moisturisers and face washes and then branching out.

Visual clutter is also a real consideration here. You’re trying to go back to basics but if your shelves and vanity are chock full of products your eye won’t be able to rest and your bathroom won’t feel like the sanctuary you intended. Pro tip: group your items in trays! You can find these cheaply in thrift stores, DIY them out of air dry clay or at a pottery class, or purchase one brand new if you have a particular style in mind. 



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