Our top 15 sustainable Christmas gifts

Our top 15 sustainable Christmas gifts

We've seen a massive shift within Australia to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, there's been everything from the plastic bag ban to the discovery of plastic just about everywhere to the war against waste. So this Christmas take your sustainable choices as far as your Christmas gift list (or wish list). We've done a round-up of just some of our favourite sustainable gifts this Christmas.

1. Jumbo Cord Tote Bag

This Extra Large Cord Tote Bag makes an excellent everyday tote and shopping bag but is also great for university students too! Classic thick cord tote with a handy front pocket. Shop now

2. Beeswax or vegan food wraps

Forget wrapping paper beeswax wraps are the perfect Chrissy gift! You can use them instead of glad wrap, alfoil and snaplock bags and they come in three funky prints.

3. Revive Face Mist

Sabbia Co Revive Face Mist is your go-to mist to deeply refresh, hydrate, plump and strengthen the skin's barrier for a dewy luminous glow. Packed full of Australian, raw, vegan ingredients to repair, nourish and naturally boost your skin's collagen and elastin. With Native Snowflower, Kangaroo Paw, Kakadu Plum and Pomegranate this mist is your skins botanical BOOSTER! It has also been uniquely formulated with a blend of Aloe Vera Leaf and plant extracts to brighten, soothe and repair, providing your skin with a vibrant, nourished and plump glow. Shop now

4. Veggie Saver

With the Swag's Veggie Saver, not only will your fruit and veggies stay fresh and crisp for longer, but you’ll send less food waste to landfill, spend less on produce gone bad, and help protect our planet by moving towards a plastic-free life.Shop now

5. Perfume Infused Dusty Rose Wax Tablets

Add a floral scent to any room with these wax tablets, the perfect gift. 

6. Our Best Selling Essential Oil Collection

Best selling blends

This pack includes each and every one of our best selling essential oil blends. From sleep to energy to calm and destress there is a blend for every occasion. Shop now

7. Bee & Insect Hotel

An insect hotel is a safe habitat for solitary bees, butterflies, ladybugs and other beneficial insects to increases biodiversity in your loved ones garden. Shop now

8. Project Pargo Insulated Water Bottle

Bring the hydration-station with you, anywhere and everywhere with the Pargo Insulated Water Bottle. Shop now

9. Mother Nature's Restoring Facial Serum

mother nature serum

Let Mother Nature put back in what life takes out. Our skin faces a lot during the day, be it free radical and environmental damage from the elements and sun, indoor and outdoor pollution, drying air-conditioning, stress, makeup, dirt and grime, fatigue, the list goes on. Shop now

10. Beard Grooming Pack

Introducing KIND by tmr meticulously curated Beard Grooming Pack, a comprehensive and essential set designed to elevate your beard care routine to the next level. Crafted with the modern beardsman in mind, this pack is your gateway to a well-groomed and confident look. Shop now


11. Messenger Bag

This messenger bag is a natural sling-style bag that can be worn across the body, perfect for hands-free shopping. It is hand crocheted from a thick twine. It's the perfect gift to kick of a summer full of beach days, markets & everyday activities. Shop now

12. Shave Like a Pro Kit

The schmick-est bag a man can get! Keep toiletries and grooming products safe with this neat package that's easy to fit in a bag, luggage or suitcase. Featuring a zipped opening with a VITAMAN logo pull tag, our lightweight, stylish and functional men's Travel Bag is perfect for vacations, weekends away or business trips. Shop now

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our whole gifting range.
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