Sustainable Gift Guide for Dad's

Sustainable Gift Guide for Dad's

Spoil Dad with the best of the best that'll have less impact on the environment.  Here are some of our top picks.

1. Parker 99R Safety Razor, $43.95


Go back to basics and give Dad a traditional safety razor. Chances are this is nothing new for him and it is something his Dad used too. Plus they are zero waste too as each blade is infinitely recyclable.Shop now


2. Project PARGO Reusable Coffee Cup, $44.95

Keep Dad’s cuppa hotter longer and his favourite mixer icy cold, even longer. Easy to use, easy to clean. Loves to travel, fits in the car cup holder and is the perfect everyday companion. Shop now


 3. Apple Green Duck 2 Handled Bag, $69

Ideal for everyday use this two-handled lined jute bag is great for those who are always on the go. Shop now 


4. WAW Bodysurfing Handplane - Wooden, $149.95

Individually handmade using sustainably harvested timber and with its simple stringer pattern design, the WAW Wooden Handplane Fish is a must-have. Shop now.


 5. DIY Bee, Insect and Ladybird Hotel, $48.00


Inspire Dad’s creativity with a DIY Bee Hotel. An insect hotel is a safe habitat for solitary bees, butterflies, ladybugs and other beneficial insects to increase biodiversity in the garden. Shop now


6. ASUVI Natural Refillable Deodorant, $24.00

Whether your Dad is hiking a mountain, hard at work in the sun or simply going about your day ASUVI’s formulas moisturizing and anti-odour qualities keep you dry, comfortable and fresh. Shop now


7. Better Than Beard Oil, $49.95
A multi-use face, beard & exfoliating oil, with 100% natural ingredients. Shop now!


 8. Cork Recovery Roller, $55.00


Mobeco’s Cork Recovery Roller is perfect for rolling out big muscle groups like hamstrings, quads, back and glutes. Made from sustainably sourced cork it is the perfect all-rounder. Shop now


9. Warm Spice Beeswax Leather Conditioner, $20

This creamy, Warm Spice leather conditioner is made in small batches from organic ingredients and the beeswax from a friend of Lil Bit's who also a fellow beekeeper - Ben's Bees. Shop now

 For more sustainable Father's day gifting idea, check out the full range.

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