Best Sustainable Gifts For Her

By Bern Beyhaut

The best gift you can give? Sustainability, of course. 

Whether your shopping for a sustainability expert or someone who wants to start their eco-journey, we’ve carefully curated an ethical and eco-friendly gift guide that everyone will love!

*Don’t blame us if you find yourself adding double to your shopping cart ;)


1. Coconut Candles

Create a tropical experience with these naturally scented soy-wax candles.

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2. Everyday Hydration Facial Set

Use Sessu's concentrated, natural ultra-hydrating face serum to help glide your White Jade Gua Sha over your skin. This is the ultimate at home facial duo for toxin elimination and hydration.

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3. Herbal Cleansing Kit Gift Box

The perfect Gift Box for all your Spiritual + Energy requirements.

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4. Antioxidant Repair Oil | 30ml

The Antioxidant Repair Oil is your summer go-to facial oil to deeply hydrate, regenerate and assist in reducing pigmentation, scarring, and fine lines for a supercharged glow.

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5. Deluxe Eco-Friendly Tea Bag Range In Jars

The perfect set for any tea lover. Little Wildling Co has designed the most perfect eco-friendly, biodegradable, no toxins, no plastic, staples or baddies tea bags. 

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6. Revive Dermasoothe Massage Globe Set

Indulge in a cooling and relaxing massage experience.

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7. Cork Yoga Mat

Featuring a 100% Cork top and a 100% Natural rubber base, this stunning Cork Mat is perfect for stretching, yoga, and general exercise and movement.

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8. Deep Ritual Cleansing Bundle

Create a morning and nighttime ritual that's natural and good for your skin with this cleansing bundle and walk away refreshed and rejuvenated with this

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9. New Mum Essential Oil Trio

Look after yourself the mums in your life with this essential oil trio to promote a safe, healthy and relaxing environment

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10. Charcoal Adaptogen Mask

Packed full of raw, organic, vegan ingredients to detoxify, brighten and purify your skin.

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11. Rosemary Hair Serum for Salty Locks

This ones for all the merpeople, sea folk and selkies out there. Made to protect your hair from chlorine and salt damage.

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12. Konjac Sponge Trio

Eco-friendly trio cleanse kit for gentle exfoliating and cleansing.

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13. Recycled Pool Toy Wet and Dry Bag

Made from upcycled discarded pool floats, these wet ‘n dry bags will be your best ally this summer!

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14. Aromatherapist Essentials Box

Recommended by a qualified Aromatherapist as home essentials, this box is the ultimate Aromatherapy kit to incorporate into your everyday life!

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15. Cool Down Insulated Cooling Bag

Your ultimate eco naturally insulating cooler bag, designed to keep your food cool for picnics, beach visits and market shopping. Throw in an ice pack and you're on your way!

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About the author

With a background in philosophy and creative communications, Bern Beyhaut is passionate about living simply.