Best Sustainable Gifts for Him

By Bern Beyhaut

Whether you're shopping for a nine-to-fiver, artist, surfer, or adventurer, here's a round up of our favourite sustainable gifts. Prioritise people and the planet, with gifts that give back in 2022.

We love them, but don't take our word...these have been dad, grandad, brother, best friend, and partner approved!


1. Fearless Solid Fragrance

Smells like cardamom pepper with a hint of vanilla and deep masculine dark woods. Made with plant-based ingredients, contains no nasties and is suitable for all skin types. He will love it and our planet will too!

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2. Skin Protector

Don't let the men in your life accept damaged, tired-looking skin. Give the gift of nourished with VITAMANS mens skincare collection. Their range is truly natural, made with sustainably sourced ingredients an animal free testing. 

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3. PARGO Insulated Water Bottle

If you’re on the hot sand or a frosty chairlift, this water bottle keeps your drinks how you intended; ice cold or steaming hot. Gift the coolest (or hottest ;) hydration station in Australia!

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4. Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Activated Eco's stylish and eco-friendly stainless steel bento lunch box is the ultimate long-lasting meal solution (and help your friend become the envy of his workmates)

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5. Zero Waste Iphone Case

This 100% biodegradable and vegan Iphone case is durable enough to protect your phone from knocks and scratches.

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6. Sustainable Yoga Set 

A gift your yogi friends will love. The yoga mat and block are made from sustainably sourced cork and the strap is made of hemp materials. Namaste!

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7. 99r Men's Safety Razor

The best sustainable razor for both new and seasoned wet shaving enthusiasts!

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8. Organic Cotton Rope Dog Leashes

We all have that friend that is obsessed with his dog. I mean, aren't we all? Animals In Charge have designed their natural range for those who would like something a little special. They use organic cotton rope, hemp, linen and other plant based materials to bring you pieces that are wild, honest, and Earth conscious.

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9. Warm Spice Beeswax Leather Conditioner

Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, get that instant schmick without harming the planet.

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10. Bodysurfing Wooden Handplane

Turn your beginner friends into pros (and your pro friends into experts ; ) with WAW's Bodysurfing Wooden Handplane. 

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11. Foaming Shave Bar

Get nice and foamy with this natural shave bar. Use on all your external bodily bits for a lovely close shave that leaves your skin perfectly moisturised. 

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12. Plush Recycled Dog Beds

A large floor pillow that won't leave plastic microfibres all through your living room. 

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13. The Ultimate Surf Bundle

He loves the sun, salt and sea and is conscious about petroleum based surf wax and toxic sunscreens leaching into his favourite place, the ocean? Time to make the ultimate eco surf swap!

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14. PARGO Insulated Coffee Cup

Not just another reusable cup, say hello to the 354ml sized PARGO cup! Built to take you beyond, keeping you hydrated or (caffeinated) day in day out.

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15. Kitchen Compost Bin

Make his bachelor pad sustainable with Little Pepino's kitchen compost bin! The ideal way to keep your kitchen looking clean, clutter free and eco. 

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About the author

With a background in philosophy and creative communications, Bern Beyhaut is passionate about living simply.