Australian Made Christmas Gift Guide

By Bern Beyhaut

This Christmas, keep your shopping list local with gifts that are not only made in Australia, but are also in a mission to save it! Here's a roundup of our top Aussie-made gifts that are guaranteed to make an impact on the person who’s receiving it (not the planet).


1. Glow Body Oil

Love Beauty Foods range makes it easy to live more consciously by offering safe, natural and organic essentials that have minimal impact on the planet. And their Glow Body Oil is the silkiest oil for that remarkable summer radiance!

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2. Dirty Dandy Chai Powder

Lover of chai but tight on time? We hear you (or you hear them!). Little Wildling Co has made a powdered version to whip up a Dirty Dandy Chai latte in seconds.

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3. Natural Refillable Deodorant

The world's first biodegradable refill for deodorants! ASÚVI pairs natural science with enviro-conscious packaging to deliver natural deodorants with refined scents in packaging that avoids unnecessary waste.

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4. Herbal Cleansing Kit Gift Box

A magical gift box containing 4 different types of cleansing tools for all your Spiritual + Energy requirements. 

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5. Shoo! Organic Insect Spray

Enjoy your summer barbies and outdoor activities with a nice smelling, effective bug repellent. A mix of woody, citrus and floral tones combine to make a lovely summer perfume with a purpose!

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6. Tinted SPF50 Water Resistant Reef Safe Sunscreen

SunButter was founded by two marine biologists with a dedication to create the most effective, environmentally gentle and reef-safe Sunscreen formula on the market, packaged plastic free. If white mineral sunscreens make you look washed out, this is our answer.

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7. Deluxe Eco-Friendly Tea Bag Range in Jars

The perfect set for any tea lover. Little Wildling Co has designed the most perfect organic tea, made of all plant materials, that will be your new best friend!

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8. Stingless Native Bee Hive

The ideal place to home bees when duplicating your existing hive or rescuing a hive from an unsafe location.

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9. Bodysurfing Handplan

Get barrelled, leaving nothing but a cleaner ocean in your path with WAW's Bodysurfing Handplane made from recycled ocean plastic collected from the Great Barrier Reef.

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10. Sacred Face Serum

Created to honour your skin on the daily, Australian organic rosehip & small farm cold-pressed jojoba oil has been carefully blended with precious essential oils to create this nourishing face oil that improves skin elasticity, assist in cell renewal & repair. 

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11. Plant Based Crayon Stick Pouch

Nine 100% plant-based eco crayon sticks in an organic cotton pouch.

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12. Australian Bush Mint After Sun Spray

This after sun spray is safe for use on body & face and will be your wingman this summer for when you need to cool down and hydrate your skin after a day in the hot sun. 

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13. Rosemary Hair Serum for Salty Locks

This ones for all the merpeople, sea folk and selkies out there. Made to protect your hair from chlorine and salt damage. 

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14. Energise & Uplift Body Oil

Stimulate the mind and body with this dynamic formula combining Jojoba, Sunflower, Hemp and Pumpkin oil, ingredients known to improve moisture reserves, pacify inflammation and fortify the skin barrier. 

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15. Palo Santo Incense Cones

Cleanse your space and clear out unwanted negative energy with these ethically sourced incense cones harvested only from naturally fallen branches and left to dry naturally.

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About the author

With a background in philosophy and creative communications, Bern Beyhaut is passionate about living simply.