Zero Waste Starter Gift Pack

Zero Waste Starter Gift Pack


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This set is perfect for beginners looking to start their journey to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

This set includes:

• Set of 3 Beeswax wraps in a drawstring bag
• Hemp cutlery pouch with reclaimed wooden cutlery
• Stainless steel straw + cleaner - note this does not fit in the pouch 

This pack contains a random mix of prints in the following sizes & is packed in a cotton drawstring bag perfect for storing them when they are not in use. *Please note – prints vary to photo

Large 30 x 30 cm - use on large bowls, bread, large cut fruit of veggies
Med 25 x 25 cm – use on medium bowls, sandwiches, wraps or fashioning into a snack sack for nibbles
Small 15 x 15 cm - use on small bowls, cut fruit or keeping that elusive cut Avocado fresh

Rescued Hemp + organic cotton pouch containing a handcrafted Fork, spoon & knife made from reclaimed wood. No new growth has been cut to produce your cutlery, just resources that were already in use, repurposed.
Pouch 19 x 6 cm + 43 grams

Lightweight & small enough to fit in your handbag or keep in the glove box of your car for sipping on the go.