Wide Paddle Scalp Massage Hairbrush


  • $35.00

We sometimes forget that our scalp is skin and we need to look after it just the same as the rest of our body. Are you suffering from dull hair, flaking scalp, greasy scalp or even hair loss? You need to start exfoliating and massaging your scalp just like you do when dry body brushing the rest of your skin.

If you are trying to detox your scalp then you need a hairbrush that is toxic free, your scalp is extremely porous and absorbs anything you put on your hair.  The Bodecare hair brushes are not sprayed with any chemicals, have been heat treated, they are made from FSC certified timber (from a managed forest, not Virgin forest), Vegan-friendly and premium quality brushes made in Germany.

This timber hairbrush with wood pins and rounded tips on the end of each bristle.  The has a rubber cushioned based which gently springs back and forth while tapping the scalp. It gently and uniformly contacts the scalp so as to moderately stimulate the head without any risk of the scalp being damaged.

Brush: FSC timber

Bristles: Rounded timber pins

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