Waterproof Change Mats
Waterproof Change Mats

Waterproof Change Mats

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Baby Play + Changing + Pram Mat
Luxuriously soft and durable changing mat with a waterproof PUL Backing and a top-layer of soft vegan fleece, providing a super soft mat landing for your little one to lie upon.
Perfect for laying baby down upon in your pram, on hard surfaces, for tummy time or for nappy changes in any setting.
Easily rolled upto fit within nappy bag, with the new versions featuring a handy strapto enclose the mat when rolled up.
Simply washed with general laundry and nappies.
Size: 70cm x 45cm
Care & Washing Instructions:

1. We recommend washing all items before use, to remove any manufacturing residues.

2. Due to the nature of PUL, we recommend washing your changing mat on a cold-warm machine wash (MAX 30 degrees).

3. Sun or Air dry is recommended.

4. Change Mats can be washed with other items, with the recommended amount of detergent as per your load size or double the amount for natural/eco detergents.