Unpaper Towels - Christmas 12 Pack
Unpaper Towels - Christmas 12 Pack
Unpaper Towels - Christmas 12 Pack
Unpaper Towels - Christmas 12 Pack

Unpaper Towels - Christmas 12 Pack

Planet Revive

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Unpaper Towels - Christmas 12 Pack Flannel helps you tackle the war on waste!

First step is to wash. Second us to use.  Then repeat the process.  It can't be any simpler!  Best of all is the more you buy the more you SAVE.

Included in this listing you will receive either 12 Unpaper Towels.  Great gift ideas for Housewarming or Baby Showers.  Eliminate waste to save our beautiful planet.  Planet Revive's products will help you cut down on your household waste.  Never buy another roll of paper towels again!

Unpaper Towels - Christmas 12 Pack Flannel are perfect for eco-friendly households that can be used for almost anything for example, dusting, cleaning, changing your baby, face wipes or a funky statement piece in the kitchen.  Mix and match your favourite colours/patterns to suit your decor.

Made of 100% cotton flannelette with the edges overlocked for durability and to prevent fraying. Flannel Unpaper Towels are made from 1 ply of cotton flannelette and therefore naturally cling together so you can easily roll them on to a paper towel dispenser or fold for easy use and storage.

Fold them and keep them on your bench or together with our Wooden Unpaper Towel Holder, they simply roll onto the rod and easily remove one wipe at a time.

Larger that regular Paper Towels, each Unpaper Towel measures 24 x 24 cm.

*** Holder not included. Check out our Wooden Unpaper Towel Holder for only $33 ***

Benefits of Unpaper Towels
  • Super Absorbent
  • Stylish
  • 100% Reusable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reduces Landfill
  • Economical

Always wash prior to use.  Fully machine washable in hot or cold water. Do not use fabric softeners as this will reduce their absorbency.  Do not bleach.  Can be tumble dried and warm iron.

Planet Revive is a 100% Australian owned and made based in Toowoomba Queensland.

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