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Twin Pack Rainbow Stainless Steel Infinity Clothes Pegs 40 Regular & 10 Large

Twin Pack Rainbow Stainless Steel Infinity Clothes Pegs 40 Regular & 10 Large

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Rainbow Stainless Steel Infinity Clothes Pegs Twin Pack - 40 Regular & 10 Large Pegs.

What if we were to tell you that you don’t need to come to terms with your plastic and wooden pegs continuously rotting and breaking? We have a plastic-free alternative here to save the day and put an end to your peg torments! Introducing: our Twin Pack Rainbow Stainless Steel Infinity Clothes Pegs.

Our marine grade 316 stainless steel pegs stand the test of time, and it’s impossible for them to rust, corrode, burn your hands from the heat of the sun, or break! And the cherry on top is that they’re weather-resistant, so be it snow, rain, sun, or wind, they’ll stay put regardless.

In this combo, we provide you with the optimal mix of 40 regular size pegs and 10 large rainbow ones to cater to your various intended uses, from the lightest to the bulkiest, even if you want to use them to hang up artwork. 

The regular size pegs are composed of a 1.7mm wire that’s 5.8cm long, while the large-sized ones are of a 2mm wire that’s 7.6cm long; both factors hand in hand guarantee first-class grip strength that won’t fail you, ever. One of the best sustainable swaps 🧺#sustainability #fyp #sustainabilitytips #laundry #laundrytok ♬ original sound - Banish

In this twin pack you will receive - 

  • 40x Rainbow Regular size pegs, 1.7mm wire 5.8cm long

  • 10x Rainbow Large size pegs, 2mm wire 7.6cm long


  • Resilient grip force

  • Captivating design

  • Non-polluting

  • Suitable for all year round weather

  • Doesn’t rust or get blemished

  • Doesn’t carry heat

  • Made to last

  • No special care required

And for our favourite part, let’s stress on the fact that these pegs are totally waste and plastic-free! Did you know that the plastic bits that fill your garden or balcony floor when a peg breaks are one of the most harmful to the environment? Unfortunately, they are.

So, they’re an unnecessary waste, especially that the alternative exists! Why would you go for the harmful choice that’s already giving you a rough time and breaking every second instead of one that will make your washing efforts a breeze? Not to mention, it’s an infinity alternative that’s better for the whole planet!

What we’re trying to say is: when you let go of the disposable option that is plastic, you’re opting for a much more permanent solution that’s sustainable, and in doing so, you’re seriously helping marine life.

Take part in putting an end to plastic today! We’ve made it easier for you; all you need to do is purchase our Twin Pack Rainbow Stainless Steel Infinity Clothes Pegs.

Save money in the long run and protect the environment simultaneously! + Free shipping within Australia.

The last set of pegs you'll ever buy! 


A Step Towards an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

By choosing stainless steel rather than plastic, you’re already helping the world cut back on pollution!

Environmentally-Friendly to the Core

To help you complete the full circle of your environmentally-friendly purchase, even our packaging contains zero plastic. Instead, we rely on recycled cardboard boxes along with compostable satchels.

Lifetime Guarantee

Did you think pegs and guarantee don’t mix? Think again! We take pride in offering you a lifetime guarantee on our pegs. 

Shipping and delivery

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All of our orders are posted using carbon-neutral delivery partners in environmentally-friendly and sustainable packaging. We don’t use plastic postage bags or bubble wrap and rarely use sticky tape.


Shipping & Delivery

All of our orders are posted using environmentally-friendly and sustainable postage options. We don’t use plastic bags or bubble wrap with some of our fragile orders you may receive some cornstarch peanuts. These are biodegradable and also dissolve in water.

We offer free shipping on all orders over $100. For all orders under $100 (excluding shipping) a flat shipping rate of $9.95 applies. We dispatch all orders within 1-2 business days.

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Banish Sin Bin

There are countless amounts of nasties out there in many of the things we consume, way too many to keep track of for one person. For that reason, we’ve done all the hard work for you by rigorously vetting all of our suppliers and giving you full transparency behind our process. That's why we have the Banish Sin Bin List, all the banned ingredients and materials that you’ll never find in a Banish product.

This way you can shop with peace of mind, knowing the products you see on Banish are good for you and the planet.

The sinners: BPA, Sulphates, Synthetic fragrances, Microbeads, Palm Oil, Parabens, Oxybenzone, Formaldehyde.

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