Reusable Cotton Pads (Set of 10)
Reusable Cotton Pads (Set of 10)

Reusable Cotton Pads (Set of 10)

Sabbia Co

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The reusable cotton pad set is your go-to alternative to disposable and single-use pads/rounds.

Sabbia Co’s reusable cotton pads - set of 10 comes with 10 small cotton pads and 1 wash bag. The wash bag doubles are an eco-friendly, 100% natural cotton string bag to store your pads and to also wash and reuse your reusable Sabbia Co pads!


Perfect eco-friendly alternatives to replace single-use pads/wipes/balls. Each reusable pad will last over 200 washes depending on use/care. The soft reusable cotton pads are gentle and durable for makeup removal, cleansing and toning.

How to 

Step 1: Apply toner or cleanser to Reusable Cotton Pad and cleanse/tone by gently using a circular motion all over your face. Once complete rinse with water and natural soap and hang to dry. Machine wash with clothes regularly.

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