Reclaimed Wood Cutlery Set
Reclaimed Wood Cutlery Set
Reclaimed Wood Cutlery Set

Reclaimed Wood Cutlery Set


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The perfect little reusable cutlery set to pop in your bag to use in place of Single use plastic cutlery & reduce waste!.  Handcrafted with love from reclaimed wood, lightweight & durable! 


Cotton Pouch - Simple unbleached 100%  cotton drawstring pouch to keep your reusable set safe.

Reclaimed Wood Cutlery - Each piece of cutlery has been hand crafted by artisans using traditional handmade process’s handed down from generation to generation out of recycled wood.

They are super durable & will last for years when cared for & you can rest easy knowing these are sustainable as well as beautiful & long lasting. Wanderlightly is all about supporting communities & using what we already have to lighten the load on the planet!


Hand wash cutlery with warm soapy water, rinse & leave to dry. Unlike metal or plastic, most wood is naturally antibacterial and after being given a light wash will neutralise 99% of any remaining bacteria after 24 hours.  Rub with Olive oil every few washes to keep the wood protected.

Wash pouch in cold water on your regular cycle & line dry.


Wanderlightly chose reclaimed wood over other resources like bamboo, as no new growth or production needs to occur to bring these babies into existence, meaning less unnecessary resources are used to craft them.


In years to come when your pouch has served its time you will be able to compost both it & the cutlery & return to the Earth.