No.1 for Glowing Skin Body Oil
No.1 for Glowing Skin Body Oil
No.1 for Glowing Skin Body Oil
No.1 for Glowing Skin Body Oil
No.1 for Glowing Skin Body Oil

No.1 for Glowing Skin Body Oil

Rococo Body

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Our multi-purpose everyday beauty oil brightens, improves elasticity, stimulates collagen production & hydrates even the driest skin. Hand crafted with a combination of powerful Vitamins (A, C, D & E), essential Fatty Acids, Antioxidants & Trace Minerals to maintain your skin's balance, draw moisture into the skin & hold it there for long-lasting hydration and refine the both the quality & appearance. Helping to hydrate, reduce pore size, dislodge impurities in the skin, stimulate new healthy cell growth, and also regulate the oil production within the skin. Rose Oil enhances the smoothing + anti-scarring properties of this formula and creates a timeless floral scent profile.
We believe SELF-CARE is HEALTH-CARE so we've Rose Quartz crystals to encourage SELF-LOVE and Openness of the heart.

Why you'll love it: Straight up -  it's multi purpose and who doesn't love that!?

We're talking hair (amazing hair oil), face, body, Step 1 of your double cleanse routine, a skin saver for growing bellies. It helps to dissolve excess oil, dislodge impurities, silky smooth formula absorbs fast and leaves no sticky/greasy residue behind

Who should you use it: Suitable for all skin types particularly those dry or oily skin types - low irritant, natural, no preservatives. Safe while pregnant & breastfeeding 

How should you use it: DAILY  on your hair, face & body.

Tips & Tricks: If you're not double cleansing of an evening start immediately... if not sooner! Rococo Body Oil No.1 is the first step of your double cleanse routine. An extremely high presence of Linoleic Acid means this blend will help to clean skin, dislodge impurities & dissolve excess oil.

Take your moisturiser up a notch or create a dewy foundation look by adding a few drops.

Apply as the final step of your skincare routine to seal in all that hydration, use it as an overnight hair treatment once week, a stand alone face oil, body moisturiser, massage oil, bath oil.

Ingredient Benefit
Watermelon Seed Oil

Helps to dislodge impurities, dirt and dead skin.

The trace minerals & omega acids are shown to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Omega 6 fatty acids + phytosterols encourage new collagen production & cell regeneration in the skin. 

Rosehip Oil

Offers anti-ageing properties, improves elasticity, & stimulates collagen production

An invaluable source of natural Vitamin A + C

Brightens, balances, regenerates & heals the skin

Jojoba Oil

A super moisturiser,

rich in beauty-boosting vitamins A, E, and D, plus antioxidants & fatty acids.

Helps to reduce scars & stretch marks

Coconut Oil

All round amazing moisturiser for skin & hair.

It's naturally anti-inflammatory, full of fatty acids that help improve the skin barrier.

Rose Oil Absolute

Romantic, floral scent profile.

Rose Absolute Oil can enhance the soothing + anti-scarring properties of this formula.

Decreases irritation, inflammation, and pigmentation.


      • Cocos nucifera (Coconut)
      • Citrullus lanatus (Watermelon seed)
      • Rosa eglanteria (Rosehip)
      • Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba)
      • Rosa damascene (Rose Oil Absolute)

      Directions of use 

      • Use 1 - 2 times daily. Best applied as a moisturiser after your shower / bath, while skin is still damp. Rub all over your body in upwards motions. 
      • Follow with a crystal facial roller or Guasha lifting tool for optimal results.
      • A few drops can be added to your bath for increase moisturising and aromatherapy properties.


      • Australian Owned
      • Australian Made
      • Cruelty Free
      • Sustainably Source Ingredients
      • Vegan
      • Palm & Mineral Oil Free
      • Synthetic Free
      • Natural Products
      • Free from: Paraben, Phthalate, Sulphate, Fragrance, Chemicals