New Mum Essential Oil Trio
New Mum Essential Oil Trio
New Mum Essential Oil Trio

New Mum Essential Oil Trio

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Look after yourself during this precious and beautiful time of your life. This trio includes pure essential oils to promote a safe, healthy and relaxing environment for a new mum and her baby. Diffuse a small amount around the home to create a relaxing atmosphere, aid with sleeping or to nourish your skin.  

Includes: Lavender essential oil, Mandarin essential oil, Chamomile 3% essential oil & mini handbook. 

Lavender Essential Oil:A light, floral and woody scent, well known for its relaxing and healing qualities. Diffuse up to 6 drops to encourage sleep or help relieve anxiety. Add 2 drops to a dispersant such as sweet almond oil in a warm bath with baby. Mix 1 drop with 5ml of your favourite carrier oil and use as a natural moisturiser or massage oil.

Mandarin Essential Oil:With a refreshing, light and citrus scent, mandarin is calming, and known to reduce nervous tension. Calming for temper tantrums and the fresh fragrance adds a note of lightness to the air. Diffuse up to 6 drops throughout the day or before bedtime. Mix 1 drops with 5ml of your favourite carrier oil such as Sweet Almond or Jojoba and apply to your belly to help heal stretch marks and nourish the skin.

Chamomile 3% Essential Oil:A calming essential oil, with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory for the mind. Gentle and sedating, perfect for children and adults alike. Because this essential oil is already diluted, you can directly add up to 3 drops to the bath to help calm and nourish the skin.

Is this safe for use during pregnancy?
Use this oil with care, best used in a diffuser or diluted with a carrier oil (1% ratio). Avoid using essential oils during the first trimester unless you are under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

Is this safe for children?
It is best to use aromatherapy in a diffuser around young children. Use small amounts in a diffuser or for massage use a 1% dilution ratio in a carrier oil

Is this safe to use around pets?
Use this oil with caution around pets, never use topically and store bottles out of reach. If you have any concerns contact your vet

Can I ingest this oil?
Essential oils should not be taken internally unless you have consulted with a health professional or aromatherapist first